Heroku rollback

A while ago had a problem in a production server in which I used Heroku’s rollback command, which goes back to the previous push/migration. When you run: heroku rollback It goes a step back in your commits/changes but upgrades the version. Current version = v33, after rollback¬†current version = 34. If for any reason rollback […]

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Ruby cover? instead of include?

Last week I learned that we should use cover? instead of include?. When you ask a range if it includes something, ruby is going to instantiate every object within that range and then check if the object you pass into include? exists in there. If you ask cover? it’s just going to figure out and […]

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Uniqueness scope on boolean

Hey, It has been a long time since the last post. I was working in hospitality and running some Java. Now I am employed as a Web Developer. This week I bring you something ¬†I learned right now. We are building a Medicine web app. This application consists in medical cases and each case has […]

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Simple Array Sum

Ruby n = gets.strip.to_i arr = gets.strip arr = arr.split(‘ ‘).map(&:to_i) total = 0 arr.each {|num| total += num} puts total C int main(){ int n, total; scanf(“%d”,&n); int arr[n]; for(int i = 0; i < n; i++){ scanf("%d",&arr[i]); } for (int i = 0; i < n; i++){ total += arr[i]; } printf("%d", total); […]

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Ruby on Rails 5 API

After using Ruby on Rails 5 I do not want to go back, I’ve fell in love. In my opinion this was one of the best updates in software. My congratulations to the core team and all the contributors. Bcrypt gem is included and it is not necessary the old manual configuration steps which spares […]

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Design Patterns

I’ve got this book last week. It’s the most expensive I’ve ever bought and I do not regret! I am still in the beginning and learned what are Design Patterns, the catalog of the 23 design patterns in this book and how they solve problems. After, will be shown how to select and use a […]

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Solving Algorithms – Bubble Sort

Why are solving algorithms Adnilson, shouldn’t you work on building applications? Yes, you are right! The thing with algorithms is that it helps you solve problems and are good to make your mind look for solutions. This way you build a blueprint and whenever you get a problem you tackle the problem instead of being […]

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