The importance of a Backup

Before I started working professionally as a software engineer, I would see a lot of people talking about the importance of backups in the IT industry.
A few weeks ago I worked on a project that didn’t have any backups and was in production! The first thing I did was a backup and used the production database locally. The change made was replacing text images with just text and linear gradient, I will explain partially what I did in the next blog post.
So I made the backup, made the changes and kept a branch of the previous modifications.
After the work was done, made a pull request, code review, all good!
A week later one of my colleagues asked me if I could make the project work locally, which I answered yes and tested it right away. But the shit hit the fan and the changes he made were already on production and the app was down! This colleague and the project manager were like cockroaches trying to find an exit until I said: ‘I can handle it, I made a backup and was the only one…’, they went out to lunch and since I just eat breakfast and dinner at the very least, I stayed and took care of the production server.
Later I explained them the importance of backups even for small projects, because bad things happen and we have to be prepared. As someone very intelligent said: “Prepare for the worse and expect the best”.

I would love to say this was the first time that a best and obvious practice was ignored, but there is more in a future blog post.


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