My first programming interview

First of all I finished after work the Ruby Koans, it was an awesome experience and made me understand much more about testing. It happened so fast that I felt sad for being so short but at the same time felt an inner feeling that I have accomplished something good. Rails Tutorial is next (for a second time).

My first interview. Oh when I received a phone call from a recruiter scheduling an interview for a Python position I was in complete awe! I remembered her saying: “next Tuesday at 4:30PM”. I was like: “Yes! Sure! “The following week I studied Python as a voracious bear that hunts his prey, mastered my skills and was prepared. When I went to the subway and read the confirmation email, saw that it was changed to 4PM, and the time was 3:55PM. I rushed to call the recruiter but she didn’t answer at first, the while on the train called again and got in touch with her.
I arrived late and had to wait an excruciating 20 minutes! Finally comes the girl that was going to interview me. She asked me a few pseudo technical questions which I got right and then asked me if I had completed my college education which I said no, and then she said that I wasn’t suitable for the job because of that. No tests whatsoever, then the entire interview questions were about Ruby and soon I realized that she had 0 knowledge about programming. She didn’t know that Ruby was an Object Oriented Language and that Ruby is not Ruby on Rails the later is a framework and the former is the language.
I was really pissed off and lost an opportunity (a story for a later post). It can be seen that the interviewer haven’t read my resume and also does not have respect for other people’s time.

After all life goes on and I grew from this experience and attacked coding with more power. There will be other interviews and the job that I want will come true. With hard work, habit and will-power, great things happen.


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