Why I hate C#

It all started when I installed Visual Studio Essentials. Had a few recommendations about learning C# and that it would get me a job easily and fast! Why not give it a shot.
While installing I worked out, went shopping and when arrived the installation was on progress! So I picked my guitar. Yes! Acoustic guitar, not guitar hero… I’m done with games since these are time wasters. Keep away from them if you want to be successful! Go outside with some friends (or alone) and play sports or any other activity you like that releases your stress.
So, after a few hours it finally installed and went to learn it, I really hated it… No visceral reaction whatsoever. It is a very high level language, looked like JAVA, a terrible clone I must say. My hard drive was full of software that I didn’t even know what it did or if was useful. Maybe it is a way or “the way” that Microsoft pushes their products on people as they do in the corporate world. “Open your mouth and take another dose of our new programs. They are buggy and expensive but we promise you that they will work because we force schools and technicians to get certificates in order to have a job and earn more. Oh is it too heavy for you computer? Here, new workstations whether laptops or desktops it will run fast, just until the new release. We are Intel partners and we need to flush out these machines before a new technology 3% faster and triple of the price appears in the market.”
Needless to say that I uninstalled  but a hot load of the software suite that was installed wasn’t removed automatically, and they are tens of them. I guess Windows 10 will be reinstalled since I do not want to remove them one by one. Terrible flaw.

By the way, this blog was created after I received advice from a gentleman named Jonh Sonmez from SimpleProgrammer.com in how to market myself. I think he is doing an amazing job by sharing his experiences and guiding young men in this masculine crisis of today.
Check his youtube channel.

Have an amazing day, afternoon, evening or night.


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