My first programming interview

First of all I finished after work the Ruby Koans, it was an awesome experience and made me understand much more about testing. It happened so fast that I felt sad for being so short but at the same time felt an inner feeling that I have accomplished something good. Rails Tutorial is next (for […]

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Ruby Koans Dice Project

I finish my day with this project in the amazing Ruby Koans learning method, and had completed 216/282! Got to see the Ruby documentation and feels like I am getting more into the syntax. Here is the code I made in the about_dice_project.rb:

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Why I hate C#

It all started when I installed Visual Studio Essentials. Had a few recommendations about learning C# and that it would get me a job easily and fast! Why not give it a shot. While installing I worked out, went shopping and when arrived the installation was on progress! So I picked my guitar. Yes! Acoustic […]

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Install pip on Linux

I have been using Xubuntu 15.10 after passing through Debian, OpenSUSE and Fedora in the past few months. I can say that was pretty impressed by the latter and former. To this day my favorite one is Debian and the reason I installed Xubuntu on my laptop is because it saved me some time configuring […]

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Ruby Koans Triangle

Yesterday I came to find this exercise pretty interesting, it called back the distant geometry lessons I’ve had in the past. This was compromised of two separate test files and one which we will code the project named triangle.rb, was accomplished by first passing the test for building a triangle and last to raise the […]

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Test Driven Development

In my last post I shared the difficulty of Automated Testing and skipped that exercise, then stumbled across Ruby Koans by Neo, which is a way of learning Ruby syntax through TDD. I began on Friday and continued until today, minus the weekend because it’s almost fully occupied by work. I’m half way on it […]

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Back on Track

Well I have been on and off programming after leaving College. This was rekindled after seeing my girlfriend in late 2015 doing a SQL tutorial in Khan’s Academy, which I completed in a few days. Then restarted LPTHW book, but changed to LRTHW which I began in late in 2014 and never went back to […]

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